#2 What motivates you to write?

DH Starr: I love to write when other shit is getting me down. When I sit to write, I get lost in my character’s heads and their problems become my reality for a little bit allowing me to ignore my own crap. Then, when my characters are done for the evening, I feel like I’ve spent time with friends. Somehow, whatever was bothering me before doesn’t seem so bad.

Eden Winters: I’m not sure “motives” is the proper term. Writing is like breathing; it’s something I must do to exist. My work background is as a technical writer, and when I’m not actively writing something, I find I’m miserable and disjointed. It’s a creative outlet for me, and way to express myself when speech fails me.

Ethan Stone: Motivation. There are days when I want to ask where the hell my motivation is. I don’t know where it comes from, but I wish I did so I could find it when I need it.Sometimes it’s this giant tidal wave crashing down on me with such force it feels like I’m drowning. Other times it’s like the damn remote that has disappeared into the Phantom Zone exactly when I’m jonesing to watch an episode of Dr.Who.

Fyn Alexander: This questions was brought up in my local writers group last year. The members all wrote a paragraph or two about their motivation. It was different for everyone but what it came down to is “you know you are a writer if you can’t NOT write.” I have always loved to write. I have done it all my life. I can remember making up stories in my head when I was really little before I had the skill to write anything down. Writing distracts me when I have a problem. Writing keeps me sane.  Though my books are romance novels and not essays, I still like to send a message of some sort about life or address an important issue. Writing is good for the soul. It’s certainly good for mine.

Jared Rackler: I’ve always loved to read and I think anyone that has the kind of passion I do for the written can’t help but get it in their head to write their own stories. When I write, I’m motivated by an idea. I can become enamored of an idea and that captivation is what sees me to the keyboard. Unfortunately, once the bloom is off the rose, I can become bored and frustrated and more than one work in progress lingers on my hard drive because i just couldn’t figure out what comes next. This method of writing does not lead to finish manuscripts, so I make my contribution to the publishing world by designing book covers, ads, logos, you name it for books other more diligent people have written. Maybe one day someone will be designing a cover for my very own completed novel.

PD Singer: Lately, it’s been “There’s this deadline I agreed to,” but that’s for specific projects. 😀 I like telling the stories, and I really like creating something. I came to writing fiction kind of late, and this beats crocheting. Most of the time.

Sedonia Guillone: I’ve always had the writing bug, ever since I can remember. I see life in terms of words and descriptions. If that makes any sense. I’ve always had a very active imagination and inner fantasy life and as an adult, it comes out in the form of fiction writing, most specifically, M/M romances.


5 thoughts on “#2 What motivates you to write?

  1. Very cool guys. It’s fun to see so many different perspectives, all getting to the same end. Jared is me, (except that I have no talent at book design) I have a bad habit of starting, racing along all excited then …. Eh. Bored. Next. That gay circus thing is NEVER going to get finished, although I opened it again this week, so you never know.

    I never wrote anything until 3 years ago. Government memos don’t count. I was and always have been a voracious reader, since childhood and I guess the stories I made up were in my head. My way to fall asleep at night was to make “movies” in my head, usually with me as the star of course, but not always. Now they are on paper and I do find myself falling asleep thinking about plots more than “movies” now.

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