Fyn Alexander

I love writing. I love romance. I love writing romance novels. I grew up in Liverpool, England and moved to Canada as an adult. I lived for many years in Toronto, until for various reasons, I moved to a small town. My two beautiful daughters, Rowan aged 24 and Brynn aged 22, are the light of my light and my pride and joy.

At present I live with my dog, Fairyn. I do relief foster care, which means I take in children for emergency short term care. I love being a foster parent as much as I love writing.

Feel free to contact Fyn directly at fyn.alexander@gmail.com


All my M/M books are available at http://www.loose-id.com/authors/a-f.html?cat=194


Rentboy by Fyn Alexander published by Loose_Id will be released Nov 6th 2012.

Knowing he is gay, but nerdy and extremely shy, scientist Dr. Edward Atherton, is out looking for his first sexual encounter in order to avoid being a 30 year old virgin, and because he desperately wants sex with a man. With his birthday fast approaching he goes in search of a prostitute. The young Goth he meets in a back alley in Soho, London, was not exactly what he had in mind, but he soon finds himself in bed with Fox Baillie having the sexiest time of his life. When he wakes up to find Fox gone and with him Edward’s computer he feels embarrassed and used, but still he cannot get the skinny, pale young man with the black hair and eye makeup out of his mind. He finds Fox once again in the alley and is treated to a hand job up against the grimy wall.

The last thing Fox expected when he was ordered by his ex-military father to seduce Dr. Atherton and steal the man’s computer with its valuable information was that he would actually find the dude sexy and enjoy the encounter. Ignoring the danger from his brutal father he continues to seek out Eddie to continue what they started.

Angel and the Assassin Series

Book Three: The third installment of the adventures of Kael Saunders, MI6 assassin, and the boy he loves, Angel Button, will be released January 16th 2012.

Kael’thas always wondered why he is able to do the work he does. Why is he so ruthless, so intelligent, so serious and rigid? Could it be that he got those traits from the father he has never met. Who is Kael’s bio father and will he ever meet the man whose genes he carries.

Angel and the Assassin: Be Brave

Book Two:  MI6 assassin Kael Saunders was supposed to kill Angel Button after he witnessed a kill. Not only did Kael refuse to hurt Angel, but he took him home and fell in love with him. Living together now in a loving D/s relationship, Angel wants to follow in Daddy’s footsteps while Kael is determined to keep his boy out of the dangerous world of international assassins. During an assignment Kael finds a little girl who is caught up in the frightening world of human trafficking and determines to rescue her.

Angel and the Assassin received an honourable mention in the 2011 Rainbow Awards.

Book one : Kael Saunders loves to dominate handsome, masculine men like himself. Being in charge is his way of life whether it be in his work with the Secret Intelligence service, his personal life, or in the dungeon. The last thing he expects when he is out on a hit is to fall in love with Angel, an 18 year old boy, desperate for the love and guidance of a Daddy. Angel also has a passion for being spanked and restrained. Two very different men find love in a world of skilled assassins, Bosnian terrorists and dungeon play.

Knightly Love

In the days when men sought to rescue damsels in distress, Sir Benedict Childerley’s only desire is to rescue Lord Robin Holt from an arranged marriage. Lord Robin, a sweet, gentle boy from a wealthy family, wants a knight in shining armor. When they meet, Sir Ben does not charge in on a white steed, he is on his back unconscious after a jousting accident. Temporarily banished to a Welsh monastery, Lord Robin tends the knight’s injuries, and despite this ignominious first encounter, Lord Robin quickly realizes that the handsome knight is the only man who can win his heart. Sir Ben, the bastard son of a rich lord, is willing to fight an army in order to keep his beloved boy.

Precious Jade

Jade is a spoilt young man who is forced to work for his living. He goes to the countryside to work for Marcus Winterbourne MP who is 20 years his senior. Jade realizes very quickly that he wants a man to Master him and Marcus Winterbourne is the man he wants to reach him the discipline he needs.


Sanguinarian is my only M/F book. It contains BDSM which is the theme I write most often.

Evangeline Rutledge, an innocent young girl of gentle birth, is sold by her avaricious guardian to a Lord with the reputation of being a vampire.

Terrified, Evangeline runs away, and Lord Dominic Ravenscroft, known as The Raven, anticipates her reluctance to marry him and goes after her. So begins their relationship.

The setting is a rundown castle in the wilds of the Yorkshire moors made yet more desolate because it is winter.

As it turns out Raven is not only a vampire but also an assassin for the British government, and the screams Evangeline heard upon her arrival were the screams of a traitor being killed, not an innocent woman murdered for her blood. Evangeline, when she discovers her true self, is not quite so innocent as everyone thought. Ultimately the vampire and the inexperienced girl find that being opposites can make a perfect marriage and that a spanking is extremely arousing.


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